Are you ready to enter the world of British Intelligence on the streets of London and Edinburgh? Here's what you need to consider.

You have several options available to choose from: the following questions will help steer you in the right direction.

                    1. When do you want to join the 'Trail?

                    2. Choose your tour.

                    3. Reserve and pay for your tour.


1. When do you want to join the 'Trail?

Tours are cheapest when booked 6 or more weeks in advance, so if you want the best value for money, it pays to get in touch as soon as possible!  Whilst booking requests can be accepted (subject to guide availability) up to a few days before the requested date, the tour price will be higher.

Tours can be booked for the morning, afternoon or evening and generally last approx. 2.75 hrs, although this can be made longer or shorter depending on your requirements. Morning tours generally start around 1030 hrs, afternoon tours at 1400 hrs. Evening tours generally start at 1900 hrs.  But remember: it's your tour so if you'd like a different start time, simply mention this when getting in touch.


2. Choose your tour!

It's your tour, so you can choose from the following options:

Classic          Sexpionage            Early Years (1909-1945)          Cold War (1945-1992)          Westminster and Water

Mayfair & Mother Russia          Edinburgh

If you have already made up your mind when getting in touch, that's great. If not, that's no problem: just confirm it closer to the day. 


3.  Reserve and pay for your tour

Email in the first instance to discuss tour slots etc. and any other specific requirements. Upon confirmation and price quoted, you will be sent an online invoice generated by PayPal so you can immediately pay for your tour using a debit or credit card safely and securely, with full receipt/confirmation from both PayPal and THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL.

If you’d like some additional elements brought to the occasion – some spy ‘tradecraft’ perhaps, especially if it’s a surprise for someone – then this can most certainly be catered for! For larger private tours there are a variety of options that can be considered. Again, get in touch and these can be discussed in more detail.

For standard private tours of between 1-30 people, there are four simple price plans available, based on notice period. As mentioned before, the earlier you can book, the more you'll save. All prices below are in UK Pounds.



TOUR TYPE (Choose one from list)



 6 weeks or more Classic. Westminster & Water, Early Years, Cold War or Sexpionage  1-30 people  £295.00
 3 - 5 weeks before Classic, Westminster & Water, Early Years, Cold War or Sexpionage  1-30 people  £395.00
 1 - 2 weeks before Classic, Westminster & Water, Early Years, Cold War or Sexpionage  1-30 people  £495.00
 7 days or less Classic, Westminster & Water, Early Years, Cold War or Sexpionage  1-30 people  £595.00


As you can see, the more people you have on your tour, and the earlier you book it, the better value it is! For instance, if you have a full group of 30 people and can book more than 6 weeks ahead of time, that's less than £10 per person for a full grad-school outdoor seminar discussion experience!  Furthermore, if you're a group travel organiser or meetings / incentives provider booking 'Trail tours on a regular basis, then further discounts can be discussed.

Customer focus, professionalism and enthusiasm are at the heart of everything the ‘Trail does. With Full Membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Director-level global event management expertise readily available, you’re in safe and capable hands if you require something just a little different than the normal tour elements.



Are you a current member of a NATO* Armed Force, Australian/New Zealand Armed Force or UK Emergency Service?

If so, private tour discounts are available upon proof of valid ID / accreditation. You MUST have your Forces/Services ID card ready for inspection at the Rendezvous Point.

No suitable ID = no discount (and you'll be asked to pay the remainder in cash).

The 'Trail has been selected by military personnel as an enjoyable cultural experience whilst in London. Perhaps you're giving one of your team members an enjoyable send-off, are looking for an enjoyable after-work activity, or are in town for a conference (such as Counter Terror Expo or DSEi) and want something to do when you're here. In which case, why not book your own tour.

"THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is a very well researched and interesting insight into the history and evolution of the secret world of intelligence gathering and espionage. Conducted in and around Whitehall, it was fascinating to visit the various sites of interest whilst being briefed on the famous (and infamous) by an articulate and well informed guide. Highly recommended."  Major, Royal Marines, Defence School of Intelligence.

*  Current NATO Membership: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States