Whether you're planning something for your meeting or conference delegates, a teambuilding exercise, or perhaps a civilised start to a weekend stag party, join the 'Trail for something unique! 

On its own, the 'Trail is an absorbing, thought-provoking experience, sprinkled with the right amount of irony and humour, as you consider Britain's chequered espionage history through the decades. But why not combine the spy tour with another special activity?

Here's where the 'Trail's partners in crime can assist, with some post-tour activities. Why not rue the exploits of some of our worst spy traitors over some fine malt whisky?  Or indulge in some fantastic cuisine while you're there?


Covert at Cringletie: Luxury spy weekend from THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL and Cringletie House Hotel. 

APRIL 2017

Cringletie House Hotel in the Scottish Borders is entering the spy world with an intimate VIP weekend event next month. “Covert at Cringletie” sees the luxury countryside castle hotel playing host to acclaimed speakers armed with unique perspectives on the intelligence world past and present for a unique occasion that no discerning spy aficionados will want to miss.

The exclusive event, scheduled to take place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April, will offer  guests an intimate opportunity to hear from acclaimed intelligence writer Andrew Lownie and writer, broadcaster and intelligence guide Brian Gray in a number of speaking slots throughout the weekend. Accompanied by dinners and other activities, the event will greatly appeal to couples keen to learn more about the intelligence world while also enjoying the scenic delights of the rural setting located just half an hour away from Edinburgh.

Cringletie General Manager Jeremy Osborne is excited by the weekend programme.
“From the first night's informal dinner and fireside chats with our hosts, this is a unique opportunity for our guests to enjoy the intrigue of the spy world whilst enjoying delicious food and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings both throughout the house and the spectacular grounds. It offers another truly exclusive experience which is what Cringletie is renowned for.”

Having enjoyed their first night in the picturesque castle hotel, Osborne is happy to showcase the hotel’s other attributes for guests to enjoy, and even get competitive, if desired.

“After the morning’s thought-provoking talks from Andrew and Brian, we’re also going to be inviting our guests to take part in “Compton’s Croquet Championship” on the front lawn. It’s our doffing of the hat to former MI6 officer, Compton Mackenzie, who as well as writing ‘Whisky Galore’ and the like, was also the former President of the Croquet Association.”

The Saturday evening sees Cringletie play host to a formal black-tie dinner with accompanying words from Lownie and Gray, for both staying guests and non-residents alike. On the Sunday morning, there will be more talk time before departing to Edinburgh where staying guests will either join the brand new Edinburgh spy tour from THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL, led by Brian Gray, or a literary tour of the capital led by Andrew Lownie.

Intelligence broadcaster and guide Brian Gray, who conceived the event, is keen to see the event achieve its maximum potential given the never-ending interest in the intelligence world.

“Spy publishing is in rude health. Edinburgh Spy Week, which immediately precedes Covert at Cringletie, is now in its fourth year. My own broadcasting output and subsequent feedback highlights a similar story of constant interest. ‘Covert at Cringletie’ offers a unique opportunity for people to immerse themselves in key contemporary intelligence issues, as well as going back through the decades. It all makes for an enthralling and entertaining weekend for real intelligence and espionage aficionados.”

Guy Burgess and John Buchan biographer Andrew Lownie is similarly upbeat about the event.

“Covert at Cringletie is a wonderful opportunity to really get to grips with Guy Burgess and very possibly have one’s opinion of him changed considerably. And the life of John Buchan, while far nobler than Burgess, draws a lot of interest, more so around here, in an area he’s strongly connected with. The lives of these two charismatic men coupled with insight into the intelligence world past and present will make for a truly atmospheric, educational, and entertaining weekend in this wonderful setting.”

Full Details - https://www.cringletie.com/covert


In London, there's the St. Ermin's Hotel - the uncontested 'spy hotel of spy hotels' and finishing point for all of the tours except the Westminster & Water 'Trail.

In a nutshell, if you fancy some elegant post tour refreshment (for the Classic, Early Years, Cold War, and Sexpionage tours) then you're well served with these fine establishments. What's more, the Classic tour can begin and finish at these hotels: perfect for if you'd prefer finishing your tour in familiar territory.


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