If you’re a member of the travel writing or blogging profession, a relevant travel industry member, or group travel organiser, the Trail runs regular familiarisation (or ‘FAM’) tours throughout the year.

Whilst the normal tour duration is approximately 2.5 hours, the FAM tour lasts 2 hours. This provides ample time to experience the calibre of the tour whilst also allowing time afterwards to raise any questions regarding group tour bookings, prices, availability etc. or any other aspect concerning the tour.

FAM tours are limited to 10 people, and will be allocated on a strict first-come, first-served basis. To book your places, please contact the ‘Trail with full details of those wishing to attend.


Who comes on the FAM tours?

Journalists, bloggers, media, travel industry

Being the true ‘world city’ that it is, London has no shortage of travel writers and journalists arriving into the metropolis to write about its many wonders. That said however, with lots of writers striving to be seen above the swathes of bloggers and writers sharing exactly the same objective, you’ll need to find something different with which to pitch to commissioning editors.

That’s where the ‘Trail comes into its own. Let’s face it: tales of sex and violence are perennial favourites. And here in the spy capital of the world, you’ve got ample material to work with. There’s plenty to be said about the world’s oldest continuing foreign intelligence service (MI6), and its domestic counterpart (MI5) and their activities both here in London and further afield.  

Triumph. Tragedy. Treachery. Assassination. What commissioning editor can resist?! Especially when many episodes took place in some of the most well known hotels in central London...


Group Travel Organisers

It can be nerve-wracking booking group events especially if the event or activity is an unknown quantity, despite positive reviews elsewhere. The 'Trail understands and appreciates this. To this end, if you are seriously considering a group tour for your members, you’re welcome to join one of the FAM tours held throughout the year.

Given the success of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, the 50th anniversary year of James Bond cinema, and the never-ending work of the real intelligence services it’s no wonder that the spy world remains an intriguing world for many and a popular discussion area – your group members as well no doubt!

If you’re a GTO perhaps you’ve already heard of the ‘Trail in Group Travel Organiser magazine, the ABC-audited publication for those booking group travel activities. The ‘Trail has featured in both advertisements and editorial features in the last 12 months, and is a Group Travel Business Forum member.




FAM tours for THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL are normally run on a monthly basis, however for overseas journalists working on a tight schedule and with a narrow window of opportunity, alternative arrangements can often be made.

NEXT TOUR:     Tuesday 7th August, 1030am     Contact for more information.