The Westminster & Water ‘Trail invites you to learn more about the world of Britain’s most well known intelligence services: MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Passing not only some of the locations used by the agencies, walkers will also pass by institutions that have become associated with the espionage and intelligence world from the 1920’s to the present.

Beginning near St. James’s Park, the tour proceeds to Westminster, in which both inner and riverside areas are visited throughout this three hour experience. Smaller residential areas as well as major streets will be traversed as you absorb intelligence issues occurring both here and abroad. 

Both famous landmarks and much less well-known buildings are passed by. Whilst some locations will appeal to those wishing to learn about institutions involved, there are plenty of opportunities to become acquainted with key personalities (heroes and villains alike) within the intelligence services – and some Parliamentarians -  throughout the decades.

As with the “Classic” ‘Trail, you can be assured of a healthy dose of sex, violence, treachery and betrayal, as you’d expect from such a journey into the intelligence world. From honeytraps and inquiries to informants and imprisonment there will be no shortage of episodes and details to keep your mind active. Therefore due to the subject matter and level of detail provided, the ‘Trail is not suitable for children.

Tour Highlights

  • Ponder the significance of the eager Russian agent working for MI6 and the CIA at the height of the Cold War.
  • Discover which MP’s have attracted the attention of the intelligence services as you walk past the Houses of Parliament, or worse - been foreign agents!
  • ‘Spy school’: Learn about the background and recruitment of one of Britain’s worst spy traitors, as well as one of the most capable wartime Naval Intelligence officers.
  • Learn about modern-day MI5, MI6, and GCHQ and the issues they face.
  • Pass the former home of one of the most colourful – and controversial - MI6 Chiefs in the Service’s history



AVAILABILITY: Private tours

RENDEZVOUS POINT (RVP):  St. James's Park Underground Station, Broadway (North East exit, opposite Conrad St. James Hotel)
NEAREST STATION (START):  St. James's Park (Underground - Circle, District lines)
NEAREST STATION (END):  Pimlico (Underground - Victoria)

Use the Transport for London Journey Planner on the right to find your best transport options to arrive at the RVP.  The exact RVP location can be found on the Google map below.

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