Sex and spying come together on the X-rated “Sexpionage” tour. Discover the edgier antics of the 'second oldest profession' in the spy capital of the world - London.


While the classic 'Trail tour normally offers a potent mix of sex, violence, treachery and betrayal, the Sexpionage tour concentrates wherever possible on the ‘fruitier’ aspects of the second oldest profession. In other words, the sex and violence!

So whilst the route is similar to the Classic/Early Years tours, the content is decidedly hotter!

Scandals, entrapment, seduction, and defection all feature, introducing walkers to the world of ‘honeytraps’ and ‘romeos’. The tour justifies its ADULTS ONLY status, as some of the edgier and more risqué aspects of the intelligence game are recounted.

So what can be expected on tour? You'll learn about Britain's most well known intelligence services: MI5 and MI6, as the tour jumps around the decades of the last 100 years, walking past the locations where key departments were based, or incidents occurred. And all while keeping you amused and amazed as to what has REALLY gone on!

Put simply, there is no other tour like this in central London. And in terms of fun things to do in London, and understanding of Britain's modern day intelligence services throughout the decades, this is the hottest walking ticket in town.

But be warned: This tour is NOT for the narrow-minded or easily embarrassed!


-  Learn about the private life of James Bond’s creator, WWII Naval Intelligence Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Ian Fleming.

-  Uncover the sexual antics and attitudes of the Cambridge Five, Britain’s spy traitors.

-  Hear about the sexual twists involving MI6 agents, and the ‘Mad Monk’ Rasputin.

-  Invisible ink with a VERY special ingredient.

-  Britain’s worst Cold War political scandal – can you guess who was involved?

-  MI5 RE-dressing the balance after catching an undercover KGB officer UN-dressing?

-  …and revealing the former Metropolitan Policeman who became a KGB ‘Romeo’ agent.

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