Join The Intelligence Trail’s “Early Years” tour, and immerse yourself in the shadowy world of British espionage and counter-espionage over two World Wars and in between.


Whilst some elements of the route follow the Classic 'Trail, this tour focuses on the first few decades of the Security Service (MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). One or two other shadowy organisations will also be brought to your attention!

Discover what really happened in British intelligence from 1909 to 1945, as you walk past the locations where key intelligence decisions were taken and operations were carried out from.

Amid increased paranoia concerning German agents running amok in Britain, the Secret Service Bureau was established in 1909, with a domestic and a foreign section – commonly referred to nowadays as MI5 and MI6. Learn more about how these organisations grew and operated during the first few decades of their existence.

With major conflict between Britain and Germany occurring twice within a few decades of each other, and the Bolshevik threat in Russia, both Services had a busy time!

The tour is about real people, real events, real consequences, and of course, real locations (including the whereabouts of a secret passageway or two).  From the initial Rendezvous Point, you’ll be guided by ‘Mr. X’ into St. James, Whitehall, and Westminster.


- Learn about the traditions of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, its enigmatic first Chief.

- Be introduced to Britain’s most infamous spy traitors, the Cambridge Five.

- Find out where D-Day and other operations were planned, as a Russian mole also worked there

- Discover the identity and exploits of the heroic MI6 Station Chief known as Britain’s “Schindler” during the 1930’s.

- Understand more about Britain’s unconventional preparations to take on Nazi Germany.


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