Join The Intelligence Trail’s “Cold War” tour, and immerse yourself in the shadowy world of British espionage and counter-espionage during an uneasy peace between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries.

Whilst taking a slightly different route from that of the Classic ‘Trail, this tour uncovers the worlds of MI5 and MI6 from the late 1940’s to the early 1990’s.

For many years during the 1950’s and 60’s, Britain experienced a number of embarrassing and destructive intelligence setbacks. Entrapment, defection, treachery, and scandal not only rocked the intelligence services, but the governments of the day as well. Did Britain recover from such episodes? 

Join the ‘Cold War’ tour to find out more about these incidents, how they came about, and the consequences as the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service played ‘The Great Game’ here in central London against the KGB and the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence). Walk past the locations where key intelligence decisions were taken and operations were carried out from.

The tour is about real people, real events, real consequences, and of course, real locations (including the whereabouts of a secret passageway or two). From the initial Rendezvous Point, you’ll be guided by ‘Mr. X’ into Piccadilly, St. James, and Westminster.


-  Learn about some of Britain’s worst spy traitors, and the damage they inflicted.

-  Discover the importance of underground stations to the Russian intelligence services, as well as one would-be MI5 traitor in the 1980’s.

-  In which pub was a former MI6 officer recruited by the Russian intelligence services?

-  Understand how MI5 and MI6 exacted their revenge after decades of widespread Russian penetration among the government, civil service, and intelligence services.

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