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THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL welcomes you to the stunning city of Edinburgh! Join the 'Trail on your very own private Edinburgh spy walking tour to uncover the secret world of spying and intelligence that's occured in this stunning Scottish city, known as 'the Athens of the North'

See the Scottish capital in a new light - or should that be in the shadows - as you learn about the city's links with the spy and intelligence world. The Edinburgh 'Trail takes you on a rich and varied intelligence journey spanning over a century. And if you'd previously assumed that the only interesting spying and skuldiggery occurs in London, you'll soon discover otherwise!


From the meeting point around Haymarket Station until the end (near Waverley Station) you'll discover how Edinburgh has been involved in the spy game throughout the decades.

On the tour you'll walk past some of the city's famous landmarks, whether it be places of learning, plush hotels, world famous attractions, and transport hubs. But it's the people associated with these locations that are of course the main attraction. For some it was a case of 'sightseeing' of a different sort, for others it was for study, training - or treachery.

Learn more about the German spies in both World Wars staying in the capital's hotels, and in one case, arrested! There's also a trip to Edinburgh University to discover the spy connections - current and past - possessed by this renowned seat of learning. There's the bizarre MI6 front organization responsible for organizing one of the most surreal events in the city's history...if only they knew!

And there's an opportunity to ponder more current issues too: media propaganda and intelligence agendas, counter-surveillance tradecraft and terrorist group infiltration.

Beginning near Haymarket railway station, the three mile, three hour private walking tour heads south east, then east before returning up to the bustling environs of the Royal Mile and finally across to the other side of town for its finale near Waverley railway station. There is a wide variety of street types and walking surfaces on the tour; from cobbled streets and squares, to steps and busy tourist pavements. Quieter streets will be traversed as well as the busy tourist traps that the city is so well known for.

Delivered by arguably the leading spy tour guide in the UK, chosen by members of the intelligence, security and diplomatic communities from around the world, there's NO other tour like this in Edinburgh.

And with plenty of walking on this tour, that brings plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way as you walk from point to point. And just like the other tours, it's all killer, no filler, from start to finish. And it's not 'Brigadoon Bond' either! (Sean Connery's birthplace would have fitted into the route but the building doesn't exist anymore: 'shame!).

Regardless, you can be assured of a healthy dose of sex, violence, treachery and betrayal - the usual 'Trail hallmarks! With a healthy number of episodes and details, together with ample time for further discussion along the way, your mind and body will be kept active. As with the other tours, due to the subject matter and level of detail provided, the ‘Trail is not recommended for children.

Please note further that due to the route length, steps, and different surfaces walked on, this tour is unsuitable for wheelchair users or those with walking difficulties.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about wartime German spies active in the city, their sightseeing and their arrest
  • Find out about Edinburgh University's spy links and espionage
  • Tailed on the Royal Mile: MI5 counter-surveillance training.
  • Putin propaganda or objective coverage? Russian vs Western media, soft power and subversion.



In contrast to the London tours, this Edinburgh private tour is priced on a per person basis - making it especially attractive for couples or small groups. And there's no price difference in terms of whether the tour is booked two months in advance or two days - subject to availability, of course! All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling.  PLEASE NOTE: NO PUBLIC TOURS are offered, nor is it possible to 'join' another tour.

No. of people  Price per person  Total Price      No. of people  Price per person Total Price
 1  £150.00 £150.00  11  £32.00 £352.00
 2  £75.00 £150.00  12  £31.00 £372.00
 3  £57.50 £172.50  13  £29.00 £377.00
 4  £55.00 £220.00  14  £27.00 £378.00
 5  £47.50 £237.50  15  £25.50 £382.50
 6  £45.00 £270.00  16  £24.00 £384.00
 7  £42.50 £297.50  17  £23.00 £391.00
 8  £40.00 £320.00  18  £22.00 £396.00
 9  £37.00 £333.00  19  £21.00 £399.00
 10  £34.00 £340.00  20  £20.00 £400.00











Discounts may be available based on booking/paying date versus actual tour date. Get in touch to discuss more!



AVAILABILITY: Private tours

RENDEZVOUS POINT (RVP):  outside Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Grosvenor Place (near Haymarket railway station)
NEAREST STATION (START):  Edinburgh Haymarket railway station
NEAREST STATION (END):  Edinbrugh Waverley railway station


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