If you’re interested in Britain’s intelligence services past and present, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re planning a birthday celebration for your partner, a civilised start to a stag weekend. Alternatively, if you’re a large group travel organiser or corporate teambuilder the ‘Trail has options aplenty to immerse you into the shadowy world of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ on the streets of central London. And maybe the odd hotel or two with equally shadowy histories!

There’s intrigue. Betrayal. Clandestine operations. Seduction. Double-crossing. And good old-fashioned skulduggery all potentially on offer for you to learn about.



Although many people are aware of Britain as a 'major player' in international intelligence and espionage, this is often only gleaned from James Bond movies, or the more recent cinematic version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carre. THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL however offers the perfect opportunity to find-out what REALLY happens away in the worlds of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ in central London and Edinburgh, away from the fictional worlds of George Smiley, James Bond, Harry Palmer - and more recently - Harry Pearce, and his team from 'Spooks'.

Over the years the ‘Trail has gained an impressive reputation for its content-rich walking tours in central London, attracting everyone from celebrated spy authors to the professionals themselves.

You can choose from the Classic ‘Trail which is best summarised as containing a bit of everything over the last century of MI5 and MI6 (and maybe one or two other shadowy organisations). Then there’s the newer Westminster & Water ‘Trail. If the Classic tour has more content relating to particular individuals (heroes and traitors alike), then the W&W tour is more ‘institutional’ in flavour, including current issues affecting the intelligence services, Parliament’s role and the Iraq Inquiry to name but a few.

If you’re interested in espionage during particular time periods why not try out the Early Years (1909-1945) or the Cold War tours. And if you need some serious spice, there’s always the x-rated (and DEFINITELY not for the prudish) Sexpionage tour! There’s honeytraps, seduction and scandal all the way on the hottest tour in town. The most recent tour is the Mayfair & Mother Russia tour, which focuses on the Alexander Litvinenko affair, plus Guy Burgess, Roger Hollis and others.

London is the spy capital of the world, and THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL offers the most comprehensive London private spy tours that focus on real-life intelligence and espionage throughout the decades. These private guided walks in London provide genuine insight into the conducting of, and use of, intelligence throughout the modern world's turbulent times. But there are also some comic and surreal moments – afterall, in the intelligence world, truth is often stranger than fiction. 


Take a covert look at the newest tour from THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL, set in the picturesque Scottish Capital. Launching in April 2017, this is the only spy tour set in the city described as "the Athens of the north." Guaranteed to make you think of the city in another light!

The private spy tours will appeal to anyone - students, spy thriller fans, tourists, or those considering joining MI5 and MI6 - wanting to know more about Britain's intelligence services, the key episodes in their history, and the context in which these occurred. It's also a great after-work socialising and teambuilding occasion, and offers plenty to talk about if enjoying a cosy post-tour drink.

The tours come highly recommended – even from the professionals themselves!  Testimonials can be found here and on TripAdvisor. Your guide – ‘Mr. X’ – is armed with a BA (Hons) in International Relations, specialising in security affairs, as well as politics/economics lecturing experience. It’s the London spy tour you can be confident about.

Due to the adult themes of the spy tour and the level of content provided, THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL is not recommended for children.



Whether it’s a simple post-work social activity such as one of the walking tours or something a bit more extensive, the ‘Trail offers something a bit different from your run of the mill events. And remember: if it’s employee teambuilding it may be tax deductible!

Various ‘Trail teambuilding experiences are open to your colleagues or conference delegates. For instance, your delegates could enjoy one of the tours before indulging in some team activities at one of Central London’s many ‘spy’ hotels (if only the walls could speak!). Whether it’s a post-tour quiz, presentations, or more practical activities for team members, get in touch to discuss how your event can leave a big impression on all involved.



Looking for something a bit different for your conference evening? Maybe you want to inject some zing into your annual golf club dinner? Let Mr X come along and pepper your evening with facts and thoughts on a variety of intelligence issues, including:

  • The Cambridge Five
  • Britain’s Worst Spy Traitors
  • Snowden, Surveillance and Society
  • Britain’s Spy Triumphs and Tragedies
  • Sex and Spying: The Sexpionage Files
  • Spies and Statesmen: A Marriage of Inconvenience


As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunities for your group to enter the London spy world! Get in touch today to find out more and to discuss your requirements in more detail.